Getting Started with Enterprise GIS

The key to maximizing the benefits from a geographic information system is to deploy it enterprise-wide. Some good questions to start with are the following:

  • Are a solid business plan and associated strategies well defined and understood?
  • Is there a clear understanding of the broad user objectives driving the project?
  • Are the workflow and related business processes effective and well designed?
  • Are the business stakeholders engaged and supportive?

Proper planning enables success with a faster return on your investment while meeting the original business objectives and needs of your stakeholders, customers, employees, and community.

Case Studies

Thinking About GIS: Geographic Information System Planning for Managers

Thinking About GIS, by Dr. Roger Tomlinson, outlines a 10-stage process for successfully deploying GIS. Visit the Enterprise GIS Resource Center for GIS professionals.

Getting Started

Let our years of experience help you get started with an enterprise GIS.