Enterprise GIS Framework

An enterprise GIS is the framework for improved business workflows since it applies the geographic approach to relate legacy and new information for better decision making; greater efficiency with money, time, and resources; and more effective communication.

  • Scalable, extensible, reliable, and secure
  • Open, interoperable, and standards based
  • Capable of being effectively integrated within the enterprise
  • May be complex to implement; requires significant planning and support
  • Delivers a high return on investment

An enterprise GIS enables organizations to share maps and data among users and across departments, from a single user to thousands of users, while conforming to the organization's existing systems and environments.

Enterprise Comparison
Enterprise architecture strategies are changing as operations look for ways to improve access and data sharing with other organizations and to integrate GIS with other centrally managed business operations.

Case Studies

Podcast Showcase

The Competitive Advantage with Enterprise GIS [MP3]
John Young, director of enterprise solutions at Esri and a former CIO in the U.S. federal government, discusses how GIS can deliver a competitive advantage to organizations and its importance for senior managers.