Topics in Enterprise GIS

An enterprise GIS provides broad access to geospatial data and applications throughout the organization. The advantages to deploying an enterprise GIS include

  • Using a common infrastructure for building and deploying GIS solutions
  • Extending geospatial capabilities to an enterprise community
  • Improving capabilities of other enterprise systems by leveraging the value of geographic information
  • Increasing overall operating efficiency using GIS across your organization

GIS experts maintain control of the information and applications, yet productivity skyrockets as more users have access to geospatial information. Geospatial information can also be integrated with other enterprise applications to geoenable executive analysis and decision-support systems.

Enterprise GIS Service
Enterprise GIS is a platform for delivering organization-wide geospatial capabilities while improving access to geographic information and extending geospatial capabilities to nontraditional users of GIS.


Enterprise GIS E-book
Eleven case studies show how enterprise GIS lets more people benefit from the power of mapping.

Taking a COTS-Based Approach to Implementing Enterprise GIS
This whitepaper discusses reasons to consider a COTS-based versus a traditional implementation of an Enterprise GIS.

ArcGIS 10 Enterprise Deployment
This technical whitepaper discusses enterprise deployment of ArcGIS 10.