ArcGIS is designed to be deployed wherever you need it, on any device, anywhere, anytime. When you buy ArcGIS, you get:


ArcGIS includes apps for the field, the office, and your community.


Gateway enabling people to access the right maps, apps, and content on any device, anywhere, and at anytime.

Content & Capabilities

Geospatial web services and analytical capabilities provided by ArcGIS.

Deployment Options


  • ArcGIS platform is hosted by Esri. Esri keeps your system running 24/7.
  • Get up and running quickly. No need to provision on premise infrastructure.
  • Share maps and apps using ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Online automatically scales to meet the demands of your organization, relieving you of the worries of system reliability and scalability.
  • Includes all ArcGIS apps.

On Premises

  • Run ArcGIS in your compute infrastructure. Maintain complete control of your entire ArcGIS platform.
  • Manage complex data, analytics, or big data sets including networks, analysis, image services, or real-time sensor streams.
  • Share maps and apps using ArcGIS for Server and Portal for ArcGIS extension
  • Includes all ArcGIS apps


  • Automatically scale certain information products while providing additional control for sensitive data that needs to stay within your infrastructure.
  • Share maps and apps using a combination of ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Server
  • Includes all ArcGIS apps.

SaaS is ideal for organizations that:

  • Don’t have the time or resources to build and manage an on premise GIS computing environment.
  • Have data and information products that they can manage in Esri’s cloud.
  • Require a secure system based on an industry-standard, defense-in-depth approach for providing security controls at every level, for every user, including the application, network, and facilities.

On premises is ideal for organizations that:

  • Need advanced geospatial capabilities.
  • Need full control over security and data access including configurable options and capabilities to meet stringent security requirements.
  • Have the time and ability to manage a GIS computing environment.
  • Have an unreliable Internet connection or prohibitions on internet/cloud usage.

Hybrid is ideal for organizations that:

  • Need to share certain maps quickly and easily with a wide audience, while at the same time managing certain content and capabilities on premises.
  • Have a range of needs for GIS capabilities and services, including sharing applications and geo-information via public and internal facing portals.
  • Need industry-standard security and comprehensive control over every GIS asset and the ability to meet stringent security requirements.

Preparing the People in Your Organization

Beyond the technical aspects of deploying ArcGIS, a successful deployment also means preparing the people in your organization to think spatially.

Launching Your Location Platform

This guide will help prepare you and members of your organization for the exciting change that a location platform brings.

Promoting Your Location Platform: A Change Management Kit

This is a collection of activities and promotional tools that you can use to engage and excite members of your organization during ArcGIS implementation.