The Power of Business Analyst in the Cloud
Reach the right target customers in minutes by identifying the most profitable sites. Create beautiful maps and professional reports, no matter where you are. Instantly share your market research with decision makers.
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Demographic Analysis Faster and Easier Than Ever
Use a browser or mobile device to analyze market feasibility along with the demographics and shopping behavior of consumers. There’s no hardware to set up or data to install.
Access and Use Global Data in Minutes
Validate your instincts about a prospective location—whether it’s local or global. You get fast access to data including global demographics, spending, market potential, and more.
Stay Ahead with the Latest Data and Reports
Gain accurate market insights and make wise sales predictions using up-to-date, current-year estimates and a five-year projection of US demographics.
Present Your Findings with Map-based Stories
ArcGIS Maps for Office and StoryMaps are included to help you present visually stunning maps, reports, and infographics. Esri built the apps you need so you can focus on doing what you do.
Run Site Selection on the Go
Visiting a site, meeting a client, or working from home? You can run the Business Analyst web app on a tablet or use the native mobile app on your smartphone for the location intelligence you need to close a deal.
Free Trial
Follow the steps below to start your Business Analyst web and mobile apps 60-days trial:
To try Business Analyst web and mobile apps, you’ll need an ArcGIS subscription.
Follow the prompts and emails to finish setting up your trial ArcGIS Online organization.
In ArcGIS Online, go to My Organization > Manage Licenses > Additional Products and click on "Configure Licenses" to the right of the username that you want the Business Analyst web and mobile app license assigned to.
Go to, sign in using your ArcGIS Online credentials, and start using the Business Analyst web app.
For the mobile app, follow the steps 1 through 3 above, download the app using the buttons below, open it on your device, and login using your ArcGIS credentials.
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To buy Business Analyst web and mobile apps, you’ll need to buy an ArcGIS subscription first. Don’t have one? Buy ArcGIS Now.
Annual subscription plans for Business Analyst web and mobile apps can be added to your ArcGIS subscription based on the following pricing by users.
5 Users
$500 per year with an ArcGIS subscription
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50 Users
$2,000 per year with an ArcGIS subscription
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100+ Users
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Demographic Report
Not ready to sign up but need a demographic report right away?
Buy amazingly accurate and timely demographic reports about location in the US for $50.00 each, no subscription needed.
Light Bulb
Learn how to get quick location-driven market insights using Esri Business Analyst web and mobile apps.
What's New
The latest release in December 2016 of the Esri Business Analyst web app is more powerful than ever before. With the latest update, there are several new and exciting features as requested by our users.
Business Analyst Web App On-Premises
Use the BA web app on-premises with support for use in your infrastructure. Run BA based mapping, analysis, and reporting using your own proprietary and sensitive data behind your firewall. This will be available via BA Server 10.5 which will be a bundle of BA Server software, on-premises BA web app, and demographic data services on-premises.
Perform Suitability Analysis
Perform Suitability Analysis with a new workflow to determine locations most suitable for your business, all based on location priority criteria that you identify. With the new suitability analysis workflow, you can rank and score sites based on weighted criteria and determine locations most suitable for your business.
Create Beautiful Infographics
Create beautiful infographics in a few clicks and quickly grasp the demographic insights. Combine your own business data along with Esri Demographic data for any location. Present market information with attractive infographics, impress your clients, and close deals faster.
Bring and Use Your Own Data
Bring and use your own data easily and alongside Esri Demographics data to perform a customized market analysis. You often have sales, revenue, number of customers, and other data specific to your business that you want to bring and use in Business Analyst based mapping, analysis, and reporting – and now you can.
Manage Your Work Using a Project Structure
Use the project structure to manage and share content more easily. Projects are a container for storing, organizing, and sharing your content. Projects enable you to share and use your work seamlessly across BA Web, Mobile, and Desktop as well as help access content across the ArcGIS platform.
Daytime Population Data
Leverage daytime population data to estimate the number of workers and residents in an area during the day. This dataset is available in the online release of the BA web app and provides valuable insights into an area’s day time population expansions and contractions.
Mapping Business Listings Made Easy
Use smarter techniques to map business listings and easily understand competition and businesses in a neighborhood. For example, create a heat map and visualize point symbols by business size or type.
New Tools to Create Trade Areas
Define more precise trade areas. Create walk-time areas to understand how walk friendly your site is. Use traffic information and travel mode options to create more refined drive-time areas.
Access Advanced International Data
Use data from location providers including Nexiga, AIS, and others that offer additional variables and lower levels of geography for Germany, France, Spain, India, Australia, and South Korea. Use 2015 Demographic data from Environics Analytics for Canada and updated data for 45 countries including Egypt, Iceland, Indonesia, Latvia, and Saudi Arabia.